Frequently Asked Questions


Find answers and general information quickly about Drink Fresh Juice products and procedures.


How many calories are in your juices?

Calorie range is 50-180 calories… purposeful calories with the nutrition your body needs… nourishes the body so that the body is not craving empty calories which drives unsatisfied hunger.

Are fresh juices safe for my child?

Definitely! Healthy juices add essential nutrition to a growing child’s body and brain.It is perfectly safe for children of all ages to drink fresh juice. Sometimes parents choose to dilute juices for children with clean water which is also perfectly fine. Cleansing, however, is not recommended for growing children.

Can I drink Drink Fresh Juice juices if I am lactose intolerant or have a gluten allergy?

Yes, all of our juices are dairy free and gluten free.

Is it Kosher?

Yes, our juices are certified Kosher.

Is it diabetic friendly?

Juices can be safely enjoyed by diabetics in moderation. Some additional precautions that can be taken include eating a well balanced plant-based diet, having juice with a meal and being physically active.

Is it Kosher?

Yes, our juices are certified Kosher.

Are juices safe during pregnancy and nursing?

Yes, juices are not only safe during pregnancy and nursing.. they are an exceptional aid in growing a healthy child. Cleansing is not safe during pregnancy nor lactation due to the high release of toxins and the potential side effects of the baby receiving these toxins in concentration.

How do I store my juice?

Juices must be kept refrigerated or packed consistently on ice to maintain the temperature necessary for freshness. If juices are not kept cold they will begin to ferment and readily lose nutritional value as well as taste. If a juice is left out and the bottle bloats, please open with caution or do not open at all as injury can occur.

Can I freeze my juices?

Yes, juices can be frozen. Because liquid expands when frozen, we recommend pouring out a touch of the juice before freezing. When defrosting, place the bottle in a bowl of cool water until defrosted. Shake well and enjoy within 3 days. Please note that the freezing and thawing may change texture and taste of the juices.

Is Drink Fresh Juice organic?

Yes, all of our juices are certified organic.

Is there sugar in your juices?

There are no added sugars in any of our juices…only natural sugars from the fresh ingredients.

Are ingredients all natural?

Yes, all of our ingredient are all natural and whole at the beginning of our juice production process.

How long will my juices last?

Our juices are shipped at least 2- weeks prior to expiration. They should be kept refrigerated or packed on ice until enjoyed before expiration.

Are your containers BPA Free?

Yes, all of our juices are in BPA free bottles.

What is the difference between juices ordered online and those bought in stores?

No difference at all… they are all actually the same batches of juice… some are sent out directly to our online clients and the others head out in trucks to be delivered around Brooklyn.

How long will my juices last?

Our HPP validation study ensures a fresh enjoyable experience up to two months. Juices should be kept refrigerated or packed on ice until enjoyed before expiration.


What is cold pressed?

Cold pressed juices are made using a hydraulic cold press which uses pressure to crush the cells and release the goodness without heating and lessening the potency of enzymes as is done by many common juices.

How does HPP work?

HPP stands for High Pressure Processing and is the process used instead of pasteurization commonly used for most juice beverages. During the HPP process, our juices are cold pressed and bottled and then placed in to a pressure chamber filled with cool water and placed under extreme pressure for up to 2 minutes which deactivates harmful pathogens and allows our juices to be enjoyed much longer.

How does it compare to raw juices?

Raw juices normally last for 2-3 days max.. however with the HPP process, juices last much longer.. check the expiration and enjoy by that date to ensure

How is HPP different from Heat Pasteurization?

Heat is the standard method of pasteurization and is used commonly across the average industry. While the process is effective at killing harmful pathogens, it also kills the essential nutrition which is counterintuitive to anyone seeking health. We use the High Pressure Processing method which does not involve any heat at all.

Are juices able to be shipped?

Yes, our juices are packed with ice packs in an insulated box and express shipped.


Why should I do an organic juice cleanse?

Our bodies are amazing and resilient yet they need a chance to reset and to function as intended. Periodic detoxing helps us give the body the break and the surge of nutrition needed to cleanse and rebuild on a cellular level.

Where do I get my protein on a cleanse?

If you want to ensure you get protein while juicing, try our Green Veg.

Do you have detox cleanse packages?

Fruit juices and Vegetable juices are both cleansing and nourishing. We recommend six juices of our choice per day during your cleanse. Build your cleanse package a la carte style selecting your preferred juices.


How can I get your juices?

Our juices can be ordered online at and express shipped to you directly anywhere in the continental U.S. Our juices can also be found at various locations across Brooklyn. Don’t see us in your local store, contact us.

Where can I purchase a gift card?

Gift cards can be purchased online at Because we love to spread the love of juicing, gift cards purchased with DFJ Reward cards will receive a 5% discount on the value of the gift card.

Do you ship outside of New York?

Yes, we ship anywhere in the continental U.S. Free express shipping is included with orders of 2 six-packs or more.

How do I find out about selling your juices at my store?

We would love to discuss further your interest in carrying our juices. Please visit to contact us.

How can I feature your juices at my event?

We would love to discuss further your interest in carrying our juices. Please visit to contact us.

Can I invest in Drink Fresh Juice?

We’re always looking for the right partner for future ventures. If you're interested in investing in a future venture of Drink Fresh Juice please contact us at